About Us

Southside Community Market is a project of the neighborhood association South East Roseburg Voices in Community Enhancement (SERVICE). It is a result of the community outcry for a local source of fresh produce and other groceries in our area of town, which is located in heart of Oregon’s beautiful Umpqua Valley.

While there are plenty of convenience stores within a 1-mile radius of downtown Roseburg,  the area is considered a food desert due to lack of access to fresh produce within walking distance of area residents.  SERVICE of Roseburg Oregon came together and formed a two-fold plan in an attempt to resolve this urgent need.

Our first priority was to establish a Community Farmers Market where local farmers and gardeners can sell fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, bakery products and other local food directly to the community.

Our second priority is to attract either a full-service grocery store or individual food shops such as a bakery, meat/fish market, year round produce market,  as well as specialty foods to meet the community’s needs.

We have been able to start our first priority:

Southside Community Market Farmers’ Market

This will be our 2nd year of operating a Farmers’ Market in downtown Roseburg on Tuesdays from 10 am to 1 pm in the parking lot of the Roseburg Senior Center, between SE Stephens & Pine.  We are operating June – October for the 2018 season.

We opened in June 2017 and this year hope to get more local food producers who are selling local fresh produce and other grocery food items to serve customers in our area of town.  Although specialty food items may be available,  they are only supplemental and not the focus of our Farmers Market because they do not address the food desert problem here.

This year we have been able to offer some customer incentives to make food more accessible to the low to moderate income people we started to Market to serve.

Food Heroes

Double Up Bucks

Food Heroes is a program for kids that provides weekly activities and $2 in coupons for kids to buy their own fresh fruits and vegetables from our Farmers’ Market vendors.

Double Up Bucks helps increase the buying power of those who receive SNAP, WIC and Farm Direct Coupons by doubling their benefits to a maximum of $10 each week.  These can be used for anything that SNAP, WIC or FD allows the consumer to buy.  This program is made possible by a grant from Umpqua Health Alliance (UHA).

For information about the Southside Farmers’ Market check out the Market pages on this site.

We are still working on achieving our the second priority:

We are still conducting the Southside Community Market Food Survey to find out what residents and others need.  The initial results have already generated the push to get the Farmers’ Market going last year.  The results are also being used to facilitate discussions around finding other ways to end our food desert and making the SE/downtown Roseburg a food oasis.